Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mallzee - Stop Following Fashion and Start Discovering It!

White sheer blouse: H&M
Black lace maxi skirt: Asos (old)
Zara basic black paper bag: Ebay
Plantain cut out shoe boots: Garage Shoes

This is a bit of a late post (sorry guys! I thought I had lost my camera, turns out it was in my bag the whole time... Whoops!) So this is what I wore for the Mallzee launch party. This was my first ever event I had been to as a blogger so I was extremely excited/nervous!

So what is Mallzee? It is a new shopping app that lets you look at your favourite brands and remembers your favourite styles, making online shopping even easier, there are also search tools and a social aspect where you can ask your friends for opinions on certain items of clothing.

The event was held at Inspace (one of Edinburgh's University buildings), the room was basically a blank canvas and the walls had projected tiled images (imagine electronic wallpaper :P) which was such a simple but amazing effect! They also had this cool light up globe in the middle of the room which if you tweeted with "#Mallzeefoundme" your tweet would come up on the globe! Gutted I didn't take a photo!
They where serving bellini's throughout the night (which I may have had one, or two, or four of :P), canap├ęs and cake pops, although I didn't eat any of them they looked really good!

Once the room started to fill up, Cally Russell (CEO of Mallzee) gave a lovely presentation, informing us all about his business and what he was hoping to achieve, then we watched a short promo video. afterwards we all did bit of networking. I got talking to the lovely Mallzee interns, and met a few Scottish bloggers, everyone was super friendly which totally made me less nervous (and the bellini's probably helped haha!) All in all it was a great night!

if you want to know more about the app check out their website here or you can download the (free) app on iTunes here
Below are some snaps from the night (very few I apologise)


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Plain white T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Skinny jeans: Primark
Tartan scarf: Primark
Moschino belt: Ebay (read about my belt here)
Plantain cut out shoe boots: Garage Shoes

This is yesterdays outfit. Not exactly the most extravagant outfit but I just wanted to show off my new JC Coltrane look-a-likes (more info here). Summer is gone, in Scotland anyway! It's starting to get cold, windy and rainy which means no more outside photos :(. I have been wanting a tartan scarf for a while, and was going to spend like £10-£15 for one out of a Scottish tourist shop. Then my mum bought me this while doing some shopping, £4 from Primark! Such a bargain!

So yesterday I just had a wee trip to Edinburgh to see my friend's new flat! We did a bit of home ware shopping to buy some decorative pieces for her room was a nice wee day trip, as I haven't been able to go out much as I have been working a lot recently.

I definitely need a new camera! as I broke mine while in Amsterdam! the lens is full of sand and as you can tell its not exactly the best quality :P.

I have recently set up a Bloglovin account so you can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin :D


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Giant Steps

(Image Source)

So I have been lusting over these shoes for a long time! These are the Jeffery Campbell Coltrane. I have seen them styled in so many different ways and I just think they are amazing! As I have stated many times before I do not wear leather as I am pro animal rights so even if I had £130 to spend on a pair JC shoes I would never buy them. 

So when I really love an item that is leather what I normally end up doing is spending hours on various websites trying to find replicas. The closest shoes I could find my sister kindly bought me for my birthday (you can see them in this post here. They quite clearly look nothing like the Coltranes) and after wearing them for a day and a half this happened...
Yup! the whole sole came off my shoe as I was literally walking into a night club. The bouncer was kind enough to tape up my shoe (but refused to tape up the other shoe! If I was going to look this stupid I would at least like to match and yes I did have to spend the whole night in the club looking like this!)

I was ready to give up hope, when I received a newsletter from Garage Shoes so I went on their website to do some window shopping and that's where I found these:

Plantain Cut out shoe boots: Garage Shoes

I literally jumped out my seat when I saw them and had to purchase them instantly! Not only are they artificial leather, they where only £24.99! They are pretty much identical! Words cannot describe how happy I am! I cannot wait to strut around the street in these bad boys.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

White sleevless button down blouse: Primark
Black long sleeved crop top: Internacionale
Green peg trousers: Internacionale
Quilted T-shirt: Primark
Black and white plaid jumper: Primark
Rings: Newlook
White faux leather Satchel: Primark
Denim skinnt jeans: Primark
Aztec Bra: American Apparel
Black mother of god pattern sweatshirt: Sheinside

So this weekend me my mum and sister went shopping in Stirling, Me and my sister have both started new jobs so we needed to buy some clothes for work. That never went to plan haha (well I did buy a blouse :P). So I thought I would show you everything I bought over the week and talk about my favourite pieces from the bunch!

I am so happy with my jumper from Sheinside It is amazing and so comfortable! I haven't been able to take it off! I am trying to bring a bit more colour to my wardrobe and I think this piece will be amazing for fall/winter! I cant get over how amazing Sheinside is! I wish I could just buy everything from their store!

This quilted T-shirt from Primark is so cute! its a nice thicker T-shirt for the colder months.I can't wait to style this piece, it will look good with my new leather trousers (you can see them here) or with a nice denim circle skirt for a more feminine look! I'm not too sure on the gold chain on the pocket, and was thinking about taking it off, what are your thoughts?

Last but not least my amazing buy from this weekend! These trousers were only £3!! Yeah you heard me! I tried them on and they were a little bit too big for me, but at that price how could I say no?! Trousers are definitely on my shopping list as its already starting to get cold in Scotland (not that it's ever warm).

I'm trying my best to be prepared for winter! So far so good! just need some more cute chunky knit cardigans and a nice big winter coat! :)


Friday, 16 August 2013

Faux Sho!

So this is just a wee post showing you a few things I purchased today, me and my mum did a bit of shopping in Livingston, and got some nice lunch at Chiquito's (The most amazing Mexican place)

Faux leather (ALWAYS Faux) trousers have been on my wish list for a while now and wanted a pair that didn't look too shiny or plastic like. These trousers are amazing and they are from Primark! only £15 and they are super comfy, they are also lined to no awkward moments like Ross from friends! I love how Primark keep upping their game and are producing better quality and more stylish clothes (baring in mind you do still have to rummage through the rails to find these pieces). Once I do start to have a decent bank balance I would like to spend more money on better pieces but I don't think i'll ever stop shopping at Primark it's just such great value for money!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Black cut out dress: Forever21
Black Jeffery Campbell Lita Replicas:

So last night was my birthday night out (I know my birthday was weeks ago) and we went for a night on the town in Glasgow! We ended up in the Garage as usual! Although I feel my dress was too pretty for the Garage I had a great time! I love the cheesy music they play in there!

As my usual unorganised self I didn't have time to get some decent photos (but at least I'm smiling in these pics :P), and these pictures definitely don't do the dress justice! I haven't worn anything backless since my leavers ball (like 4 years ago) because I am rather flat-chested and can be quite self conscious about it, the thought of not wearing a bra scares me a little haha, But with a lot of tape and nipple covers I took the plunge! My hair was done by my lovely sister who took ages curling it, but alas the curls only lasted around half an hour as my hair is a cruel mistress!

Well that's all my birthday celebrations over :( and my friends and family are relieved I didn't drag it out any longer haha! Hope all you summer babies are celebrating your birthdays in style :)


Friday, 19 July 2013


White tshirt: H&M
Black asymmetrical shorts: Ebay
White Floral Boots: Garage Shoes

Well this was yesterdays outfit. It doesn't look it but it was a scorcher, and I spent it in the cinema then in my friends flat for drinks, typical! Having a catch up with my friends was worth missing a bit of sunshine though!

I love these shorts! I feel like they can class up a casual outfit and they were only like £6 (but they take weeks to get delivered!) My knock off Doc Martins are pretty cute too! I love how the flowery design give the manly shoe such a feminine touch :)

I know this isn't an exciting post, still getting used to the whole blogging thing!