Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Plain white T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Skinny jeans: Primark
Tartan scarf: Primark
Moschino belt: Ebay (read about my belt here)
Plantain cut out shoe boots: Garage Shoes

This is yesterdays outfit. Not exactly the most extravagant outfit but I just wanted to show off my new JC Coltrane look-a-likes (more info here). Summer is gone, in Scotland anyway! It's starting to get cold, windy and rainy which means no more outside photos :(. I have been wanting a tartan scarf for a while, and was going to spend like £10-£15 for one out of a Scottish tourist shop. Then my mum bought me this while doing some shopping, £4 from Primark! Such a bargain!

So yesterday I just had a wee trip to Edinburgh to see my friend's new flat! We did a bit of home ware shopping to buy some decorative pieces for her room was a nice wee day trip, as I haven't been able to go out much as I have been working a lot recently.

I definitely need a new camera! as I broke mine while in Amsterdam! the lens is full of sand and as you can tell its not exactly the best quality :P.

I have recently set up a Bloglovin account so you can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin :D



  1. I love this :) Need to keep my eyes open for that scarf, I've been looking for one like that!



  2. I love your tartan scarf and your shoes are so gorgeous :)

    Rose xo