Sunday, 8 September 2013

Giant Steps

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So I have been lusting over these shoes for a long time! These are the Jeffery Campbell Coltrane. I have seen them styled in so many different ways and I just think they are amazing! As I have stated many times before I do not wear leather as I am pro animal rights so even if I had £130 to spend on a pair JC shoes I would never buy them. 

So when I really love an item that is leather what I normally end up doing is spending hours on various websites trying to find replicas. The closest shoes I could find my sister kindly bought me for my birthday (you can see them in this post here. They quite clearly look nothing like the Coltranes) and after wearing them for a day and a half this happened...
Yup! the whole sole came off my shoe as I was literally walking into a night club. The bouncer was kind enough to tape up my shoe (but refused to tape up the other shoe! If I was going to look this stupid I would at least like to match and yes I did have to spend the whole night in the club looking like this!)

I was ready to give up hope, when I received a newsletter from Garage Shoes so I went on their website to do some window shopping and that's where I found these:

Plantain Cut out shoe boots: Garage Shoes

I literally jumped out my seat when I saw them and had to purchase them instantly! Not only are they artificial leather, they where only £24.99! They are pretty much identical! Words cannot describe how happy I am! I cannot wait to strut around the street in these bad boys.

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