Friday, 12 July 2013

Birthday Haul

Hey everyone! Yesterday was my birthday! I'm now a big 22 year old! Scary! This is just a quick post to show you guys what special gifts I got from my lovely family! I don't want to talk too much about the clothes I got as I want to wait until they get their own special Blog Posts (Which will be very soon as I CANNOT wait to wear them all). As you can tell I am a big kid, as my mum bought me Dumbo, The Rescuers and a Minion haha! He is super cute!

I had a brilliant day yesterday, me, my mum and my sister went into Glasgow and did some shopping (Which is when my mother got me the dress and the playsuit which are from Forever21). Then we went to The Social for some cocktails to kill some time before our lunch. We were going to have high tea at Cup on Renfield Street but unfortunately the power had cut out so we decided to go to the one in the West end instead! Once we were full of lovely treats, we then wandered along to Ashton Lane for another drink. Afterwards we went back to my sisters where we had a BBQ and drinks with friends! All in all a great day :)

Any other summer babies celebrating their birthdays?

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