Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mallzee - Stop Following Fashion and Start Discovering It!

White sheer blouse: H&M
Black lace maxi skirt: Asos (old)
Zara basic black paper bag: Ebay
Plantain cut out shoe boots: Garage Shoes

This is a bit of a late post (sorry guys! I thought I had lost my camera, turns out it was in my bag the whole time... Whoops!) So this is what I wore for the Mallzee launch party. This was my first ever event I had been to as a blogger so I was extremely excited/nervous!

So what is Mallzee? It is a new shopping app that lets you look at your favourite brands and remembers your favourite styles, making online shopping even easier, there are also search tools and a social aspect where you can ask your friends for opinions on certain items of clothing.

The event was held at Inspace (one of Edinburgh's University buildings), the room was basically a blank canvas and the walls had projected tiled images (imagine electronic wallpaper :P) which was such a simple but amazing effect! They also had this cool light up globe in the middle of the room which if you tweeted with "#Mallzeefoundme" your tweet would come up on the globe! Gutted I didn't take a photo!
They where serving bellini's throughout the night (which I may have had one, or two, or four of :P), canapés and cake pops, although I didn't eat any of them they looked really good!

Once the room started to fill up, Cally Russell (CEO of Mallzee) gave a lovely presentation, informing us all about his business and what he was hoping to achieve, then we watched a short promo video. afterwards we all did bit of networking. I got talking to the lovely Mallzee interns, and met a few Scottish bloggers, everyone was super friendly which totally made me less nervous (and the bellini's probably helped haha!) All in all it was a great night!

if you want to know more about the app check out their website here or you can download the (free) app on iTunes here
Below are some snaps from the night (very few I apologise)


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